Sunday, March 20, 2011

Well, I won't need to tie eggs or worms for a while

Just stocking up for the season. Tons of size 18 eggs, and resupplying some of the san juan colors that were running low.

Holy cow, I tied a lot of flies tonight.


  1. Come on Mike, don't tell me you really use those things? They look like something a cat would chase?

    Just joking?? What are the different colours about? I thought eggs were mainly orange, and what do the litte worms represent?


  2. @Richard - actually yes, I do use them. Eggs have different phases. Early ones are shades of very light pink, and they'll eventually turn orange. Unfertilized eggs will eventually die and turn light and then dark brown. Also keep in mind that there isn't just trout eggs in the water. Other fish have eggs too.

    As for the bright colors, that's just for attraction. Sometimes a fish is just keyed in on a specific color and will hit it. Other times it's just size and shape. I usually will fish a bright colored egg, with a more natural nymph trailing it. They usually take the nymph but will take the egg on occasion. Steelhead are another story. They love neon colored eggs.

    As for the worms, they represent either aquatic worms that are present in high numbers in tailwaters over here, or various earthworms and bugs that get washed into a stream after a rain.

    Both eggs and worms do extremely well, and are very easy to tie or I wouldnt have so many in my box :)

  3. @Mark - thanks for the linkage on your website. I'm already seeing traffic from it. Greatly appreciated. Also, I really love your blog. It's one of the first ones I check out every day.

    @Mike - thanks!

    @bigerrfish - If it works, I fish it. And eggs usually work in the stream I fish the most :)

  4. Dustin is busy tying up the worms too. Totally boring fly, but darn effective where we are. One would be surprised just how many annelids there are.