Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Woven patterns and woven hair feathers

Nick showed me some of his new woven patterns he's been working on last night and I had to take some pictures of them to post because they are freaking awesome. I've been trying to weave for a few weeks now and while I'm getting better, I still don't feel confident enough to post some of my woven patterns just yet.

His flies are big fat attractor nymphs and I want him to tie me some for my Steelhead trip to the Salmon River in two weeks. I especially love the woven prince nymph. He even keeps true to the original with the peacock collar.

He also has some for sale. Drop me a line if you're interested and I can get you in contact with him.


In other news, if you're looking to get some grizzly hackle this year, you're out of luck. Apparently the fashion industry has decided to buy it all. Montana Fly Company is saying they won't be able to fufill new hackle orders until 2012. I heard about this from Bill at my local fly shop last week and thought it was a bunch of BS. Then I saw this website and video.

I'm all for watching videos of hot chicks, but I just want to rip those feathers out of their hair and knock out some parachute adams.


  1. The hackle hair thing is spreading like wildfire. My girlfriend Kelly is a high school teacher and all of the "cool" girls at the school are doing it. Juan of "The Hopper Juan" blog posted something about it a couple of months ago and since then I've been seeing more and more about the hackle shortages. I haven't tried to buy any in a while so I don't know what the status is locally for me, but I'm sure it will be a quickly passing fad.

  2. Amazing flies!! oh and it is not just their hair. http://www.karmaloop.com/vendor/OWL/zoom/Owl10-BRNzoom5.jpg

  3. this was the link I was looking for.. http://www.owlita-feather-earrings.com/shop/

  4. Cool flies. Have yet to give weaving a try. How do I get my hands on a few?
    Where's my DTT logo front license plate?

  5. Jaybird, email me mvolensky (at) gmail dot com and I'll get you in touch with him. He'll even tie them custom to fit your needs. I'm not going to do license plates just yet, but I will have stickers coming soon. I need to dig up the hi res logo and send it out to get them done.

    @Jay - If you run out of grizzly, just hit up your wife's class with scissors.

    @Dustin - Nick says thanks for the kind words, and thanks for the links (I think..)

  6. I went to bass pro shops today and found NO hackle on the shelf and a lady crabbing cause they were sold out.. what is the world coming too