Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jigga who?!

I'm definitely not talking about Jay Z (although Mr. Troutrageous has a great post about him apparently owning a trout stream). I'm talking about a pack of Dohiku jig hooks I bought two weeks ago and forgot about. In theory, jig hooks for nymphs make perfect sense, since the hook point will always ride up, reducing snags. The problem is that they are pricey!

I started just messing with them tonight and knocked out some attractor nymphs. I want to try these for Steelhead. The only common thing with these is they all have a .015 leaded underbody and a tungsten bead.

Well, I'm getting ready to hit the water. I haven't caught a trout in about a month and I need to break the skunk streak. Will post results later.

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