Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some tasty Saturday morsels ( least the fish will see them as tasty)

I spent today over at the Calvary Outdoors Expo with my son. Unfortunately, the only fly fishing stuff there was a booth by Mainline Fly Tyers. There was lots of camoflage, dead stuffed animals, and soft plastic fishing baits, none of which are really my thing. I did pick up a really nice LED flashlight for $4 though.

I am a little tired, partially because I was up last night tying like a madman. Here's a couple that came off the vise around 2am.

First up is a BWO looped wing emerger. I wanted something different to trail a BWO dry so I thought I'd give this a shot. I tied a similar midge emerger pattern that cleaned up a few weeks back.

Size 18 emerger hook
Green goose biot
olive 12/0 thread
CDC - light dun
Z-lon, dun (tail)
a tiny bit of Jan Siman peacock bronze for the head

Next up, here's a pattern for carp that I recreated from looking at Roughfisher's website. He calls it the carp crack. I won't list this recipe here because if you really like it, you should go buy a few from him :)


  1. I really like that emerger. Is the body made from the biot?

  2. Thanks. Yep biot body wrapped forward with hackle pliers

  3. where can I get that dubbing for the head?

  4. the head of the BWO emerger?
    It's called UV peacock bronze by Jan Siman. The only place I know of to get it in the states is

    I've been using the heck out of it and need to order some more.

  5. Wow nice collection of flies you have there. I have seen the carp crack before and love it.