Friday, April 1, 2011

A quick and easy tip for terrestrial indicators

I learned this in class the other night. We were tying basic foam beetles, just black foam, peacock body, and whatever you wanted to do for the legs.

It's a great little fly that will get the attention of fish in the heat of summer and into fall. The only problem with it is that it's a tough fly to see on the water. I've tied in extra foam indicators behind the head, but now I know that it's an un-needed extra step. Plus, there's a chance the fish can see it from the side.

Go to a craft store and get yourself some 3D fabric paint. The stuff I got was called Scribbles, and it was $1.19 at JoAnn Fabrics.

Just take a small drop of it and place it right on the back of the beetle. It should almost look like a miniature hersey kiss. Instant indicator with no additional materials to tie on!

The only thing I'll say is that you should be careful when using it. I got a drop on my nice pair of work pants on Tuesday night and I now have a neon circle on my right upper thigh. It doesnt come out of clothing at all. It will also take about 12 hours to fully dry. So tie them at night and let them sit until morning.

Here's a bunch of them with rubber legs. I kept one with a foam indicator so you can see the difference.

Maybe I'll get a chance to test them out if it would ever stop SNOWING! Seriously, it's April 1st. Mother nature needs to get over herself.


  1. Very nice idea. Simplifies tying a bit.

  2. Sweet lil bug. Got to add that one to my terrestrials box.

  3. Brilliant idea Mike, must give it a go!

  4. Second thoughts about this circle on the pants. Your not trying to draw attention to that past of yourself are you?

  5. Oh, those yellow spotted rubberlegs are awesome!

  6. @RH/Jill - LL Bean at the Promenade in Center Valley (Coopersburg) does a totally free fly tying class every Tuesday night from 6-8pm. All you need is tools, a vise, and thread. He supplies hooks and materials. Email me if you're interested and I can get you in touch with the instructor to see if he's still taking people.