Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who knows about switch rods?

After a weekend of chuck n'duck nymphing and a really sore shoulder, I'm ready to make the jump to a switch rod. I'll primarily be using it for Steelhead a few times a year and for fishing big local rivers like the Lehigh and Delaware, with a few occasional casts at a lake or two.

Nick just picked up the Cabelas LSI switch in a 7 weight, 11 ft this week and after I got to mess with it last night, I really like it. It's definitely the cheapest way to go for a decent setup.

But, I've been exploring my options. I've been looking at the Echo 10'10" 7 weight, the Redington CPX, St Croix Imperial (I already own two SC rods and I do love them), and Scott's line of switch rods.

So, I'm asking for the help of all my blog readers. Does anyone have any input or any of the rods above or switch gear in general? I'm still new to it and I want to make the best decision possible. I'm trying to keep it around the $400-$450 range for the entire setup.

I really wish I could afford to spend $1-2K on a setup. A Hatch reel would pair up perfect with this Sage TCX.



    my buddy bought this one, he liked it. its a good rod for the cost. same as u, we came home and started looking at new rods. we were beating ourselves up with the 9'.

  2. classic fisherman in lansdale has a 11' TFO for $200.i think its a deer creek, not sure.

  3. I dont' know crap about the things, but Craig Nielsen at runs seminars on the things, and if you asked, would probably talk turkey.

    Best I can do.

  4. You can't go wrong with an echo for a first switch. i'm a big fan of both echo, beulah, and TFO for affordable switch and spey. I normally pair it with a Ross or Lamson reel a a size up to make room for the fat head. personally, for switch and spey, id say pay far more attention to the line and try to test as many ass possible. you'll find one works best for your rod and casting stroke

  5. RH - thanks for the heads up. I'm going to check out the Lansdale shop.

    TC - If you're the same Tom Chandler from Trout Underground, welcome! I've been a loyal reader of your blog for a few years now. I love it. Also, thanks for the advice. I'll check it out.

    Other guy who the word's longest screen name - thanks for the feedback.