Thursday, April 7, 2011

Watch out Steelhead...

I'm finally packed and heading to the Salmon River in NY to chase some pre-spawn Steelhead and monster browns. I spent some time filling the box tonight with more woolly buggers because I heard they were killing em' right now. I did some barred rubber legs for the tails mixed in with the marabou. They look pretty sweet. I'd take a picture but I already packed the camera. Expect some streamside blog posts and hopefully some hero shots with some chrome as long as I get some cell phone reception.

Wish me luck. I gotta break this streak of getting skunked up there. It's been two times in a row now.(Although the last time wasn't our fault. The river was running at 20,000 CFS!)

If you're up there this weekend and want to grab a beer, drop a note in the comments.



  1. Good luck Mike, let us know the outcome?

  2. i went up 2 weeks ago with no luck. the water was high also. we fished fly zone in altmar.