Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brook trout are beautiful and all, but...

You can't rule out little sunfish like this that are full blaze in their fall coloring. He wasn't big, but I took a few seconds to really admire him. Gorgeous fish.

I realized today that I usually only hit the local stream just out of convenience when I don't have time to make the 45 minute drive to water cold enough to hold trout year round. That made me think about how much I'm going to miss having a fun little fishery that's less than 2 minutes away.

The leaves are starting to drop and the fish are slowing down. Yeah, I caught a few small panfish and a dink largemouth this evening, but the big ones are down deep and not wanting to budge. Seeing all the plant life starting to die off is depressing. On the upside, at least the stretch that runs behind my house is one of the only places in my county that's getting a big fall trout stocking this year. The good news is that barely anyone fishes it in the fall and the fish tend to not spread out as much as they do in the spring. That will get me through from October-January, and then the kids will be playing ice hockey on it until March.

Farewell summer.

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  1. I also get a little sad seeing the summer leave but that means one thing. Fall trout! I too admire the colors of the sunfish. Very pretty fish.