Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trying to get around the blowout

With everything looking like chocolate milk out here from 2-3 inches of rain yesterday, I headed an hour north to a tailwater that wasn't too blown out. We nymphed some deep pools, and threw CDC Caddis at sporadic risers until dark. Shane landed the only fish of the day, a small wild brown. I walked away with the skunk. No fish, but I love trout streams in early fall.

If you look down below the bridge in this shot, you'll see the where the creek leads into the Lehigh River which was absolute white water.

I lost this fly today to a bad tangle, a hot spot pheasant tail jig. It was my last one and I just whipped up a dozen more. Post shortly.

There was also one hell of a sunset.

Speaking of blowouts, this popped up on the iPhone shuffle rotation today. I miss the 90s.

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