Sunday, September 4, 2011

Random Web Goodness

I really wanted to get out and fish today, but I wound up driving all the way from the Jersey shore to South Philly last night to meet up with some old friends. Long story short, I wound up driving back to the shore at 7am this morning with a pounding headache and not a wink of sleep. I did get in a few hours in a nap, but I'm still too wiped out to chase some small fish.

Since fishing was out of the question, I was pretty much a vegetable in front of the laptop, stealing some neighbor's unprotected WIFI. I spent a good amount of time browsing various fishing blogs, posts, sites, etc. Here's the best of the best from what I've read today.

First up is the John Gierach web invasion. From what I've heard, this guy has historically been pretty elusive as far as interviews and video footage goes, but all of a sudden there's a ton of stuff out there on him. If you didn't catch Tom Chandler's interview with Gierach the other day on Trout Underground, you need to get over there. I then came across a post on Orvis News mentioning Tom's post, but they also had a cool short on Gierach (minus the awful audio editing).

I also stumbled upon Pat Cohen's blog titled "Superfly". I watched this guy at Somerset earlier this year tying these amazing spun hair bluegill patterns. He's got a ton of pattern photos on his site, and it's definitely worth a read.
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Up next, we have Up The Poudre. Sanders has been sending me traffic and commenting on my posts, and I feel bad about not returning the favor (I really gotta update that blog roll). I finally took the time to really read his blog today, and it's great. The writing is phenomenal, and every post tells a story. Plus, his logo kicks ass.

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I'd post more, but I'm about to pass out. Time to finish the beer and hit the sack. Tomorrow holds the challenge of driving home in labor day traffic, unpacking, and getting the lawn mowed. Plus, I have a feeling there's a few smallies that need some sore lips now that the water flows are back to normal. Happy Labor Day.

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  1. I've followed superfly almost as long as I've followed you... the things that guy can do with deer hair is amazing.