Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Here comes the spawn

Well, it's almost spawning season again. The browns (and some freaky rainbows in the state of PA) are getting full of eggs and getting ready to do the deed. I don't condone chasing fish on spawning beds at all. I think you should leave them alone. That being said, as soon as the fish are spawned out, you have two months of amazing fishing with egg patterns.

I've shared my success on egg patterns on here quite a few times and I think the trick to success is smaller eggs. Way too often I see someone throwing a size 8 or 10 egg at the smaller trout in the streams around here, with limited success. I really think those are more suited for Steelhead and monster lake run trout. Drop that egg down to an 18 or 20 and you have a better representation of the actual food the fish are feeding on, and you'll have constant action.

I'm currently knocking out an order of eggs for a fly shop, and for two personal orders from people I know. If anyone is interested in purchasing some, please drop me a line via email or in the comments section with your contact information. Prices are $15 per dozen shipped, or two dozen for $25. That's much cheaper than you'll find in a fly shop! All are tied on either Orvis or Tiemco hooks, using Mcfly Foam.

Sizes 18-20
Cherise (dark pink/muave)
Oregon Cheese
Baby Blue

You can mix and match colors/sizes.

In other news, I've been wanting to get the picture of Michael's first trout blown up to hang in my tying room. I was actually looking at some of the places that turn your picture into a canvas, and as luck would have it, I was approached by Brendan at with a great offer for getting a canvas done. I ordered it yesterday and I was pretty amazed at how easy it was to set up the whole thing. I uploaded the pic and was done and checked out in two minutes. I chose an 8x10. The true test will be the fact that the pic I uploaded was taken on the iphone. I'll post the final product once it arrives, but here's the original photo. My god I had fun that day :)

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