Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My new favorite way to tie a spinner: Wally Wing Style!!!

I've mentioned before that I take a fly tying class every Tuesday night. I don't usually post the pattern that I learned at class because I like to take the time to perfect it first. This one was so cool, that I have to share it.

I watched Bruce Corwin tie spinners with Wally Wings before at Somerset and it amazed me. Basically, you pull back on the barbs of a wood duck feather, tie it in, and split it. This lets you use one feather, and have extremely detailed wings.

George actually showed us how to tie this in class tonight and it was easier than I thought. Check out the detail in those wings and keep in mind that it was just a single feather for both of them! (Full disclosure - the tail and body are sloppy as hell on this fly because my vise was mounted to a table that doesn't like C-clamps, and it was in the middle of an LL Bean store with really awful light. The wings still kick ass though).This is my first attempt at ever trying to tie this, so the wings aren't' perfect, but I'll get there.

Size 16 dry fly hook
Wood Duck feather (wings)
microfibbets (tail)
stripped brown hackle feather (body)
Superfine dubbing (thorax)


  1. Sweet fly man. That looks super fishy.

  2. Those wings are gorgeous. I'll have to give it a go...

  3. Beautiful job on those wings. I'd seen the process in a Britt mag but never seen anyone try it.