Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Glass beads and bent hooks

I was going through some of my tying stuff tonight and I found two packs of Killer Caddis glass beads that I never used before, in brown and black. I decided to mess around with them.

I purchased these bent shaft stonefly hooks that I finally got around to using. They are made by Saber and the website is www.suredrift.com if you feel like checking them out, although I don't see these hooks on the site right now. Here's what they look like:

I decided to incorporate the glass beads into the stonefly. I came up with a pretty interesting pattern. I really like how the bend in the hook gives the fly a nice curve. It's also my first time ever tying a fly with swiss straw so I know it's not perfect, but I'm sure I'll get better with practice and come up with a nice pattern after a few more tries at this.

Bent stonefly nymph hook size 12
.015 lead wire (thorax is weighted)
Black goose biots
Uni-thread black 8/0
Swiss straw
Black superfine dubbing
Killer Caddis glass beads (brown and black)

I've also been on a pheasant tail kick so I tried some tiny PTs with the glass beads. I did a nymph version with a wood duck tail, and a soft hackle version.

Size 16 short nymph hook
Ringneck pheasant tail fibers
UTC ultrawire small, gold
Mallard died wood duck (nymph tail)
Killer Caddis glass bead
Hungarian partridge (soft hackle)

That's about it for today but before I go, I need to hit you with this:


  1. I like the new stonefly. Looks really good for a first attempt.
    After watching that video, I'm thinking about turning my old Trek mountain bike into a "scraper"? Whatever that means.

  2. I really like that stonefly! I'm going to check to see if I can pick up those curved hooks as well. I usually put a slight bend in the hook. Good job.

  3. Pretty impressive for stuff you just had lying around! I'd guess that stone will catch a trout or two. -stephanie

  4. Thanks everyone. I'll let you know how it goes when I fish it. I'm gonna do a few more tries at it as well.

    @Jay - I have no idea what the hell a scraper bike is. I saw that video two years ago and all of a sudden it was just stuck in my head yesterday and it wouldnt go away.