Monday, February 28, 2011

When I say stone, you say fly

I picked up those bent stonefly hooks again tonight and figured I'd give it another go. I'm still planning that next trip to the Salmon River at some point in the next month or so and I wanted some peacock-flavored stones. These babies turned out pretty sweet. Sure, they aren't Father Nature's amazing junglecock stones, but I haven't been this happy with a new stone pattern in a while. I tried keeping one slim, and one super buggy. Both are ribbed with copper wire, but one also uses a stripped peacock herl quill, and one uses clear vinyl ribbing.

Saber bent stonefly hook size 10
Uni-thread black 6/0
UTC copper wire, small
clear vinyl rib - medium (pic 1)
peacock herl (pic 2 ribbing)
dubbing - mix of olive squirrel, black beaver, and olive brown ice dub
black goose biots
Wapsi thin skin (mottled turkey)
.015 lead wire underbody


  1. I actually like these better than those wild looking Jungle Cock stones. Both versions look equally enticing.

  2. Those look awesome! I just got some dai-riki bend shank hooks and these look like the perfect fit for them

  3. Thanks guys. I'm actually looking for some Dai-rikis this weekend at the Valley Forge show.