Friday, February 18, 2011

Patterns, patterns, patterns

It was 60 degrees today. It's going to be 65 tomorrow. I walked outside today around noon and just knew that I had to take a vacation day on Friday. Needless to say, I'll be in jeans and t-shirt, hunting for a BWO hatch. I love this weather.

So yeah, here's some new flies I've been toying around with.

I noticed when I looked at my fly box that I never quite messed with the color blue for any attractor patterns. I picked up some royal blue flashabou at Cabelas so I gave it a go on some size 18 nymphs.

Size 18 scud hook
Tungsten bead
Uni-thread 8/0 -black
Peacock herl died green, stripped (ribbing #1)
Flashabou, royal blue (ribbing #2)
Z-lon - grey (tail)
Senyo Laser Ice Dub, neon blue

I also acquired some olive quills recently. This stuff annoys me because it kept breaking, even after soaking it in water. I think my olives look better with just thread. This fly looks like hell but I'll post it anyway.
size 22 dry fly hook
olive quills
microfibbets - light dun
hen wing feathers - dun
14/0 olive thread

Here's my first attempt at a Hot Wire Prince. I changed it up a little bit and tied it on a 3xl nymph hook. I'll probably play with it some more. I think it's screaming "GIVE ME RUBBER LEGS!" I was quite happy with the yellow and olive wire combo.

size 18 3xl nymph hook
gold bead (avoided tung so it wasnt too heavy with the double wire)
goose biots - amber
UTC ultra-wire, sm, olive, and yellow
goose biots -white (wings)
peacock herl
hen saddle feathers (legs)

I took a shot at really small Copper Johns. I figured with the coloring it could double as a stonefly or as a small baetis nymph. This is a size 20. I'm not posting the recipe because it's readily available and my eyes are getting heavy.

And last but not least, I have a new egg. I was reminded that it was pre-spawn for the bows last weekend when a male bow soaked my net with the nasty stuff. I wanted to experiment with UV epoxy so I came up with this. I just take a bright tungsten bead, glue it on a size 18 hook, and then build thin layers of epoxy around it. Just keep doing a paper thin coat, hitting it with the light, repeat, etc. After I had it nice and round, I added some pink coloring with a prismacolor. It will definitely be heavy enough but I'm not sure if it will catch fish. It looks pretty cool though :)


  1. Nice ties. I'll be anxiously waiting to hear how the blue experiment goes. I've never thought of using blue as an attractor.

  2. Thanks. I actually didn't even try it today. I should have. I have a feeling it will work better in clearer water than I had to work with today.