Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Return of the trout bum

I just realized that it's 2011. Hell, it's almost the middle of February. I read a while ago that John Geirach had a new book due out in May. That means that we'll have another book of stories about an old jaded fly fisherman and his adventures with AK Best.

Some people don't like or understand Geirach's books. I personally love them. I have almost all of them, and I think I've read most of them twice. They help pass time on the cold winter nights when I have insomnia (which is about 5 nights a week anymore).

If you haven't read any of his books, you can pick most of them up for under $6 shipped on Ebay. I highly suggest checking them out. Trout Bum, and Sex, Death, and Fly Fishing are my faves. Click here for more info on him over at Midcurrent.

So what made me think of John Geirach? This post on Unaccomplished Angler, which is simply brilliant.


  1. If you can't appreciate Gierach, you might not really appreciate fly fishing... in my opinion.

  2. I've got a photo of John and like most photos I've seen of him, he looks like he could take your head off with a stare. After meeting him and having a chance to exchange a few words, I found him quite likable...thank goodness because I love his writing.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more, right down to your/my favorite pair of his books. And I hadn't heard that he had a new one forthcoming. Excellent!