Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taste the rainbow (nope, not eating trout)

I stopped by the Orvis shop on my way home tonight and picked up some orange zonker strips, some wire, some flash, some lead, and some really nice dubbing. I also realized I hit Angler's Pro Shop over the weekend and never even pulled out the stuff I bought there to use. I didn't have much time tonight but I decided to work on a few attractor nymphs. I got some really cool rainbow flashabou that I thought would look neat as ribbing. Between that and a mix between olive squirrel dubbing and some olive brown ice dubbing, I came up with some interesting patterns that I can't wait to try out. I love the multi-color effect on the ribbing.

I tied all on scud hooks, using tungsten beads in size 16 and 18. I ribbed with the flashabou and small gold UTC ultrawire. I tried one with a dubbed body. I really dig this squirrel dubbing and I want some more in different colors. It's really buggy.
All have a single strip of pearl flashabou for the wing case.


  1. Sure look buggy! I'm betting there is a color-blind fish just looking for those. Let us know how they work.

  2. Indeed, I'm liking that dubbing also!

  3. Nice flies Mike. I'm sure they would work on my big lake bows, and in small sizes, on rivers for browns, under a dry. Well done.

  4. thanks guys. I'd love to try them this weekend, but the water looks like chocolate milk from the floods yesterday.